Tongue Cleaner Technique

“Water before a meal is nectar.

It replenishes fluids and encourages juicy digestive organs.

Small sips [of water] during a meal is honey.

It helps turn the food into a sauce.

Water after a meal is poison because it dilutes the stomach acids.”

-Dr. Vincent Lad

Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner Technique

Have you tried the cleansing technique of scraping your tongue each morning?
This quick and simple method may appear to be just for freshening your breath. However, the actions of scraping the white coating off of your tongue has a far reaching purifying effect. Sounds too good to be true? That sticky, white film on your tongue is ama in Ayurveda. Ama means toxins or impurities. It is formed when something has interfered with the digestive process such as eating on the run, eating too much at one time, eating late at night, drinking cold beverages with meals, watching TV while eating. Have you ever done any of these things? Well, you probably have an accumulation of ama within your body. Looking at your tongue upon rising will give you an indication of how well you have digested your food the day before. It will also show you if you have a chronic build up of toxins (or ama) within your system.

Once you are more aware, you will be better able to take the proper steps to improve your digestion. The action of scraping your tongue actually stimulates your body to “let go” of more ama. As you begin your practice with the scraper, you may find that for awhile you may have a progressive amount of ama each morning. No need to be alarmed. It is your body trying to take advantage of your new found cleansing technique.

How is it done?
First, purchase an indian tongue scraper. Then, each morning as you are brushing your teeth, stick out your tongue and look at it in the mirror. Do you see the white coating of ama? Begin by gently scraping the tongue, rising the scraper, and repeating the scraping and rising until your tongue is clean. You will see that using the scraper is much more effective than scraping with your toothbrush.