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“Let every one be blissful”
“Let every one be healthy”
“Let every one visualize auspiciousness in every thing”
“Let there be no misery in any ones life”
“Peace to body, mind and soul”
-Sanskrit mantra


Shirodhara 60 mins

A blissful back, neck and shoulders marma massage introduces shirodhara qualities! A fine gentle stream of warm herbal oil over the forehead resulting in an authentic and profound sense of awareness

Abhyanga 60 mins/90 mins

Customized full-body marma massage utilizing warm aromatic oils, combining classic massage strokes, stimulation of marma points and steamed herbal towels


Ayurvedic Facial/Cranial Massage 60 mins

Classic combination of gentle and balancing touch using marma points! Stimulating scalp and (auricular) ear massage using aromatic warmed oil and/or herbal lotion to deeply calm, rejuvenate, and restore an enviable glow to the face and Spirit!

Ayurveda helps the healthy person maintain their health and an ailing person regain their health.